Chad R. Bowles is an unassuming young man, who took the stage with such poise and command. As he presented his session, “Nurturing a Competitor”, the audience was immediately taken with the knowledge he imparted. His interaction with the students and teachers was as much fun as informative. Mr. Bowles has a bright future ahead of him, not only as a speaker but a performer.
— Elise Beckett Russell, Chair Texas Music Teachers-Trustee Teacher Enrichment Conference

In addition to Chad’s performing activities, he often is asked to give masterclasses or workshops to piano students and teachers.
He is also keen to incorporate outreach and masterclasses when he travels for a recital. 

Below is a list of recent workshops Chad has presented in music schools across the country. 

Please contact us to see about scheduling Chad for a program at your College or University music department or Community Music School. 

How to Practice

Chad works with students in this workshop on effective practice techniques both at and 

away from the keyboard. Topics covered include memorization and visualization techniques, 

as well as ways to tackle and conquer even the most perilous passagework!


Workshop for Piano Teachers - “Nurturing a Competitor”

In this presentation, Chad relays tips and techniques to piano teachers for working with 

students who are especially talented and motivated, and offers advice not only for guiding the growth of a 

pianist, but also a musician. 


Memorization and Performance Tips and Techniques

Here Chad relays his experience as a performer to offer pointers to students and teachers on how to effectively

memorize a piece of music so that it is solid and reliable. He also touches on topics such as stage presence, 

communication with the audience, and how to relay your musical message in an effective way. 


Masterclasses for Piano Students

Chad also routinely gives traditional masterclasses, often times incorporating some tips from the above workshops.


Presentations for School-Aged Children

These special sessions can be catered specifically to your audience or class size. Topics can include music and keyboard

appreciation, exposure to child-friendly classical music, and fun games to instill a love of music.