Wow - this is the first blog entry I've written since December! No excuses - just laziness! I do have a lot of interesting ideas in the works, though, so keep checking back. In the meantime, something about a wonderful little piece that's recently caught my interest. I've been listening to this tune by Jazz pianist and composer Fred Hersch somewhat obsessively lately. Last week, assuming that it was not published, I decided that I would write it out so that I could perform it as an encore at my recitals. I did a quick Google search, though, and found that it was already published! I ordered the music, and it arrived yesterday.

It's a hard feeling to describe to non-musicians, but when there's a piece you've grown an affection for and want to play, it can become something of an obsession. It's almost like a craving that can only be satisfied by creating the music with your own fingers. I'm so looking forward to practicing this piece and sharing it with audiences.

Until then, though, here's that wonderful piece: "Valentine" performed by the composer, last year in Spain.

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