Marguerite Long is not known very well for her recorded output; I had actually no idea that she had made recordings until I recently stumbled on some of her performances of Fauré's piano music. The Long-Thibaud Competition, based in Paris, carries her name. She also held a long professorship at the Paris Conservatoire and had several very successful students. Long was born in France in 1874. She studied piano at the Paris Conservatoire, and later developed friendships with composers Gabriel Fauré and Maurice Ravel (who dedicated his G Major Piano Concerto to her). These friendships, according to many sources, grew strained over the years, apparently due to Mme. Long's rather demanding personality. I'll leave it at that. In any case, her recordings are quite beautiful, and I've been enjoying them quite a bit lately.

AuthorChad R. Bowles
CategoriesGeneral Musings