A few weeks ago I started having some rather horrible back pain. It started out feeling like sore muscles and gradually evolved so that I was having trouble walking after sitting for even a short amount of time.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the my brand new bench might have something to do with it. I went online and did some reading about back pain and found an article written by a doctor. In the article she described the ideal angle of the legs when sitting (as if you were sitting on a horse). Also mentioned were several classical musicians who developed back problems as a result of the way they were sitting. Among them, Josef Hofmann.

So: what to do? The first suggestion I liked was to put wooden blocks under the back legs of the bench. So, into the basement I went and here's the result:

Almost immediately I was experiencing relief and over the next few days the pain melted away. And the best thing: I just have to slip them into my luggage when I'm on the road!

AuthorChad R. Bowles