Something that's very important in an artist is the ability to communicate effectively with their listeners. Whatever is said about his sometimes lack of technical stability, I feel that communicative ability in the playing of Alexander Brailowsky.


Brailowsky was born in Kiev in 1896. An obvious natural musician, he gave the first EVER complete cycle of Chopin's piano music in 1924. I first came in contact with his playing when I was in high school. I bought a CD of him playing all of the Chopin Waltzes and the 3rd Sonata. I remember very vividly falling in love immediately with his nuanced, joyful, and touching playing in the Waltzes. I have listened many, many times to that CD, although not I go to my CD library!

Here's a very strangely videographed and cut performance of one of the Chopin Waltzes. It allows you, though, to see Brailowsky at work.

There's much out there to be enjoyed by this pianist, but I'd suggest starting with this recording.

AuthorChad R. Bowles
CategoriesGeneral Musings